Music has the power to open up. To me especially making music is a way to connect; with my inner AND with the outer world.

Live music

Since my early childhood  I have played the piano, composing songs regularly. Then as a teenager I happened to fall in love with African percussion and later on with the accordion. I have played with African bands such as Dramali and Smiling Oseiband. My inspiration also comes from jazz, blues, folk and minimal music. Improvisation is often a part of my playing. Sometimes I even go the abstract way… Whichever musical mood I choose or come across, I’m always happy to play with other musicians.

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Lessons and workshops


  • Do you feel excited every time you hear the sound of drums… but never took the step towards really practising it? I will happily offer you a Special Introduction:
  • Discover African percussion! Get 3 private lessons of 12,50 each and acquire a djembe during this period for free! During the introduction course you will learn how to groove according to at least 2 African rythms which you can practise by yourself at home. It’s a quick way to discover if rythm gives you a ‘shiver’.
  • Heart-connected percussion. Become aware of what you sense inside and express yourself on the drum!
  • My lessons are suitable for all age groups.
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  • Learn to play your favourite songs! Learn about chords and scales and how to use them. Also when playing solos and during group improvisations.
  • Fee per private lesson is E12,50 p.h.
  • Group lessons are E10,- each for 1,5h. (minimum of 4 people)
  • My lessons are suitable for all age groups.
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Compositions and recordings



“It’s really enjoyable to see how music and sound can support images on websites; and the same goes for art and video projects. Well, when that musical addition has been well executed, naturally.”


I myself have provided compositions and recordings for several sites and projects in which I tried (and managed) to catch the essence. Often also using sounds from the environment of the project or customer.
(Here you can) Listen to some examples…
Feel free to ask for a price indication. Prices are based on €12,50 p.h.


Would you like to record your own song? That’s great! It can be made possible with my mobile studio. If you like I can even arrange your song. Meaning I can add musical parts that enrich your compositions and recordings.

I can accompany you with several instruments such as keyboard, percussion and accordion. When all the good work is done you will have your own song on a recordable CD already for €60,- (5 hours work including mixing). My fee per hour is €12,50.

Here you can listen to a beautifull song written and sung by Steffanus Kor wich I recorded and accompanied on piano and accordeon.