Inspiration and coaching

‘There is this Jewish tale about a fox who saw a beautiful vineyard that was fenced on all sides. He did find one small opening in the fence but it was just too small for him. So the fox fasted for 3 days, thus becoming thin enough to enter the vineyard through the small opening. Once he was inside he ate the delicious ripe and big grapes until he was satisfied. But when the fox wanted to leave the vineyard, through that same small opening, he was not able to. Because once again the fox was too fat. So he had to fast another 3 days, this time to leave the vineyard. Standing outside the fox turned around and said: “Vineyard, vineyard! You are so beautiful and good. How lovely and tasty are your fruits. Yet you are of no use, because in a state of hunger one will enter you, and equally hungry one will have to leave you.”

And so it is on this earth with all its earthly efforts. Naked a man comes on this earth and naked he has to leave her…’

I choose to be inspired by the beautiful big “grapes” of life. To do the things that make me happy and feel alive. I therefore believe that we all must enter this vineyard – which is just as life is – and fully enjoy it. Being in contact with my body, senses and my inspiration makes me feel complete.

I want to share this sense of wholeness and assist you in finding your own personal inspiration. I am developing methods concerning how to use the healing qualities of music and nature in coaching sessions. And I will keep you informed here…
We humans can suffer from stressful beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not worth it’. It makes us rigid and fearful of changes.